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Gary Menzies, Pianist Learn about one of Atlanta Georgia's premiere solo pianists, listen to sound clips from his two new albums, and order online.  Search keywords include: Jesus Christ, In Touch, In-Touch, Pianist, Piano, Piano Music, Dr. Charles Stanley, FBA, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Atlanta, Gershwin, Show Tunes, Broadway, Musical, Music, Hymns, Songs, Song, Spirituals, Recording Artist, Atlanta, Fox Theater, Fox Theatre, Pianorama, Gary Menzies, Julliard, The Majesty and Glory of Your Name, A Look Back in Ivory, Smyrna, Larry Adams, Jeanine Morrison, Ruth McDonald, Alda Tedder deBray, Anthems, Christian Music, Christian, God, Piano Player, Accompianist, Accompanist, RealAudio, Sound, Record Company, CD, Cassette

Click below to find out more about Gary's two new albums:
Find out more! Find out more!
The Majesty And Glory
Of Your Name
A Look Back
In Ivory

"A Look Back In Ivory" is a semi-classical showcase of Gary's amazing God given talent, with selections ranging from Gershwin to Rachmaninoff. "The Majesty and Glory of Your Name" is a sacred album containing one full hour of Gary's most acclaimed arrangements of anthems, hymns, and Christian favorites. We hope you enjoy finding out more about Gary, his music, and C.G. Artists. Enjoy!

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